ONE-LOCK Smart Lock Manufacturer

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One-Lock Electronics Co,Limited was founded in 2013, we are committed to the production and distribution of smart home security products,including smart home door locks,wireless doorbell,wifi home camera,our vision is to bring convenience to People around the world .For the past 7 years, we have been deeply developed in the security lock industry. All of our products are designed and produced based on feedback and opinions from our front-line Market Research and sales teams and customers who have worked with us for many years.Whether you encounter quality, price and after-sales service problems, you could get in-time after-sales service from one-lock team. Our experienced team and strong factory support can let you have no worries after purchasing.
Here are 4 foundations and missions of ONE-LOCK:

Experienced Staff

Everyone in our sales team has more than 7 years of experience for smart door locks and wireless doorbell and can help you avoid many problems you might not have thought of before. Each sales company needs to serve about 5 companies every day, one-stop to help our distributors or project vendors solve various problems of product selection, promotion, and after-sales docking.

Professional R&D Team

Our R&D team is a high-tech team composed of 4 people, all of whom have rich experience in R&D for security digital door locks and wireless home door bell, and design beautiful and practical products based on human senses.

All sales must be trained for 2 weeks before the product is officially launched to learn product knowledge and product market, so that we can give professional advice to our overseas buyers during the sales process

Supportive Managment

Our company vigorously supports overseas small and medium-sized enterprises. If it is a company that is just starting, we can also give timely and professional support. Our first-line sales will also try our best to obtain the best transaction price and terms for customers based on our own assessment of buyers.

For buyers who have been cooperating for a long time, we will strongly support them to make their own brands and customize unique styles for different markets to help them expand their market share.

Timely Service

All buyers who inquire about the product will get a reply within 2 hours.
Due to the time difference, we will arrange 24-hour service sales and technology to ensure that all customer problems can be solved in time.

If you have any suggestions or question for us.Please contact us.